Day 2 – 5 – Fire Essence

There is so much to say and I dont think I have the energy to write anything up.

Monday and Tuesday was mainly involved in helping my friend out while she gave birth to a most darling new daughter. I had late nights and some stress and just busy busy busy.

Wednesday was more relaxing and then an intensely busy afternoon and then off to Meditation that night. I was soooo happy that I went and we did some Hare Krishna styled rituals and theory based discussion. Afterwards it was lovely to catch up with people but I talked to late again and had a 3rd late night.

Today I woke up and even though I wanted to stay in bed all day I got pushed by my guides to go to Victoria Webby’s mediation in Nerang so it meant travelling an hour but OMG it was worth it. It was funny because I was all set to cancel and go back to bed when I found myself saying to a friend “I will meet you at 10am”. Even after saying it I just kind of shrugged and went along with the urge.

During the channelled messages I got intense fidgety and uncomfortable legs and some strange feelings on skin of my arms and legs. I felt like the entire thing was a deep cellular healing that was pretty amazing. One other lady did another sound healing/channelling and she had us touch our feet up to our head, body part by body part. I regressed to some ancient era by the time I was to the hips.

Its very hard to explain because I felt like a thousands of year old druid and me in the same body touching the same body parts. Almost like I did the exact same things many many moons ago, it was so divine and it made me realise that we dont just appreciate our body for being amazing any more. We dont stop and appreciate ourselves.

I have continued to take the Fire Essence but to tell you the truth I cant really say what is is doing for me. I think it has helped give me the energy to do THREE times the amount of stuff in one week as I normally do. I don’t seem to stop and tomorrow I cant either – I will be gone all day – visit baby, work then Goddess Group.

One final observation – I am extreme sensitive to the Piscean energies that I posted last week. I have thought of why and I am extremely close with both the element of water and the moon. To have 6 planets in the House of Pisces is just amazing and I really wish I could have spent the time just being tranquil. However this just makes me more sure that Fire Essence has helped me stay sane this last week.

I will post more tomorrow night – I am so interested to see what the 10 and 11th will be like when we have SEVEN planets in the House of Pisces…

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