March 2013 Astrology Overview

If you’re finding it hard to focus and concentrate, with your imagination and dreamy vibes high jacking your mind when and where you least expect, giving an almost ‘floaty’ feel to things, you can blame an abundance of Piscean energy in play as you move into March and it’s going to stay around for a while.
The Sun will always spend the first 3 weeks of March in dreamy and watery Pisces, so this in itself isn’t surprising, however this is usually balanced by other forces. Last year we had Mars over on the other side of the sky in earthy and practical Virgo, with his 8 month visit from November 2011 to July 2012 his longest in 47 years. If that didn’t keep us grounded and stop us from floating away on a dreamy cloud of dreamy Piscean energy nothing will. And before that, with more intellectual Aquarian energy in play since as far back as 1995, keeping things in perspective hasn’t been a problem.

What we have is the perfect storm of Piscean energy, at the one point when there is nothing to counterbalance this. Even Saturn, the hard taskmaster of the cosmos is complicit in this, lending his support from fellow Water sign Scorpio, where his first full month in retrograde motion is adding a large dollop of hindsight to the mix.

The only planet even remotely having a chance to keep us grounded is Jupiter, who over in Gemini is at a tougher aspect, known as a ‘square’, to the planets moving through Pisces. Yet even Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system is outnumbered, by the share number of planets lined up in Pisces. I have come to the conclusion that if you can’t fight this energy then you may as well join it and at the point where I’m writing this, having had to discard many copies of my writing schedule, to ditch the guilt that comes with it.

I’m not only finding it hard to focus at the moment, but I’m also incredibly clumsy. I might be writing the Love-scopes or the Money-scopes and one minute I’m in the flow and the next my fingers are poised on the laptop and my mind has drifted off somewhere completely different, without even realising. Don’t get me wrong, I love Piscean energy, but it’s leaving a lot of cotton wool in my brain and worse still there is no reference for this, in that we can’t go back to the last time this happened, because it’s never happened before.

For the problem is, if indeed it’s a problem at all, is that we have 6 planets in Pisces, an unprecedented number. While the Sun and Moon aren’t planets, Astrologers refer to them as planets in the classical sense, in that the word ‘planet’ is the ancient Greek word for ‘wandering star’. Astrologically planet is the blanket word for any cosmic body that moves through the sky, rather than the scientific definition.

By that definition, or in fact by any definition, we have more planetary activity in Pisces this month than at any other point in our lifetime, or will again. Even the mechanics surrounding having 6 planets in play here is extraordinary. There are 4 planets that are deemed the ‘faster planets’, in that the Sun, Mercury and Venus do a complete cycle through all 12 signs once a year and always move as a pack and Mars moves through in 22 months. It is not uncommon to have the Sun, Mercury and Venus in one sign at the same time and is in fact more common to have them here together. It’s slightly less common to have Mars here at the same time, who is only on the same side of the sky as the Sun, Mercury and Venus once a year. So to even have 4 planets in one sign is significant. This is known as a stellium and this creates a situation where the sum of the combined influences becomes more than the individual energy each planet brings into play, but when you add Neptune and Chiron to the mix and especially as dreamy Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, then you have something extraordinary.

Because the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars are the only planets that move quickly through the signs, to have more than 4 planets in an area of your chart means that there has to be a major planet here. By major planet I’m not referring necessarily to size and more to the speed that they travel at. Any planet from Jupiter outwards will stay in an area of your chart for a minimum of a year and a maximum of 16 to 20 years, so the impact on your life is major. And in this case we have Chiron, planet of healing in Pisces from 2011 to 2019 and Neptune, in Pisces from 2012 to 2026.

When you get the 4 faster moving planets all return at the same time and align with major forces that have been at work here for over a year, then there is a coming together of forces that have been working behind the scenes, preparing for the right moment and forces that can act as triggers.

When the Moon moves through Pisces from the 10th March to the 12th March, in Mars’ final days, for a 53 hour period we will have 7 planets here and while we’ve never had 6 planets here at the same time before we’ve definitely never had 7, so during that time you might need to find some anti gravity boots or some grappling hooks and anchor yourself to something solid.

Because this puts over half the solar system in Pisces and therefore in the Pisces ruled area of your chart, this is where the focus is going to be for you this month and especially so in the first 12 days. Yet when you get 6 planets together you also get their different personalities and that can be confusing. You have Mars wanting to bust a boiler, evoking your passions, fighting spirit and a sense of urgency, then on the other hand Mercury, in retrograde motion until the 18th March is asking you to hold back and think before you leap. With the Sun trying to bring reality checks while Neptune is evoking your dreams and fantasies and Venus engaging your heart while Chiron is creating an opportunity for healing you have one very complicated mass of planetary influences. Add to this the dreamy nature of Neptune energy and it might not be until later in the month when we start to make sense of things.

The Water signs will be more at home in this Watery energy, but at the same time because the Water signs (Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio) are so watery themselves, this might be a bit of an overkill. I’m a Cancerean and I know that’s how I’m experiencing this. The degree to which this impacts you is likely to be determined by how much Earth you have in your chart (planets in either Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn), which can have a nice grounding effect. However, Virgos themselves might find this a bit overwhelming, for it puts over half the solar system on the other side of the sky to your Sun and in opposition. That’s when you need to call on your strong Earthy influence, to turn this into a chance for a breakthrough.

It will be with a bit of relief then, when on the 12th March Mars, planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos will leave Pisces and return to Aries, the area of your chart where he rules supreme and that’s when you’re likely to see some action. It’s here that Mars will leave the watery realm of Pisces, which will have subdued his fiery passions and his flame can once again burn bright and as he returns for the first time in nearly 2 years and teams up with Uranus, planet of surprise, synchronicity and the unexpected, for only the second time in 80 years, he’ll want to see action. Mars and Uranus are an explosive combo and especially in fiery Aries. Uranus has been on his own and working behind the scenes since May 2012, when Mercury’s departure left him home alone, so he’ll be ready to trigger the laws of synchronicity and trigger anything pending and as he loads the cannon balls in the cannon, Mars will be there to light the wick.

With the Sun returning to Aries on the 21st March and Venus on the 22nd March this will see even more focus shift to this fiery and action focused energy, but with Mercury staying behind this will leave 3 planets in Pisces and 3 in Aries, creating more of a balance, though keeping dreamy Piscean energy in play.

Chances are, as first Mars and then the Sun and Venus return to Aries this may trigger some emotional responses that have you running for cover, with old early warning systems screaming at you to duck your head and find refuge. That’s because for the last 3 years, as the planets returned to Aries as the Sun, Mercury and Venus will do at around this time each year, Saturn has been over on the other side of the sky in Libra, creating a series of Saturn oppositions at a time when Saturn was already causing a lot of problems.

However, this is a false alarm, for Saturn left Libra last October and he won’t be back for another 30 years. The only challenges the planets moving through Aries will face this year is from the Full Moon in Libra on the 27th March. This is the first Full Moon in 4 years that hasn’t involved Saturn, who was here for the last 3 Full Moons and also the last Full Moon for awhile that won’t be a lunar eclipse – the Full Moons in April and May will both be lunar eclipses.

This allows us to get back to what a Full Moon here should be about, without the challenges Saturn brought into play, though it may bring back some old memories, which can be used to tie up loose ends. What is special about this Full Moon is that it sets the date for Easter and is the reason why we’re having our long Easter Weekend in March this year, instead of April. Easter Sunday always falls on the Sunday immediately after the first Full Moon after the Sun moves into Aries, marking the ancient rising from the dead after the dark of winter, in northern hemisphere spring.

I think that this is an apt description of the Full Moon here, for it marks a point where we can finally put Saturn’s dark years in Libra behind us, made so severe by his opposition with Uranus over in Aries and by his discord with Pluto in Capricorn, causing the Saturn/Pluto squares of recent years.

This puts the main influence this month in the Pisces and Aries ruled areas of your chart and briefly into the Libra ruled area, with the Scorpio, Capricorn and Gemini areas working more in the background.

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