Day 14 – Earth Essence


Today is final day of Earth Essence and I have to admit that I am totally ready to move onto Fire. I played Essence Fairy today and delivered all my essences to everyone and it was totally lovely to catch up with all those that are taking these White Light Essences as a group.

I talked about how the Essences have been effecting them the last month. My friend husband summed up Earth better then I could – he said – I loved Earth and could feel it working but I cannot put into words why I loved it so much.

I really feel like that. Earth Essence comforted me, grounded me and seemed to go on forever. I am very crystalline and elemental so I think I just adored Earth Essence because it feels like home. I also had multiple conversations with people who had very ancient karmic healings and then I had one of my own with Heidi Bartz.

I also have some very interesting Astrology information that I will post up.

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