Day 1 – Fire Essence

Its pretty hard to say what is being done since it is the first day on this essence. I will report that I have finished writing up all the quotes I have periodically been writing down in meditation since last October.

I ended up with 126 quotes so I need only  18 more before I can finish the ebook. I will be adding a brief introduction and conclusion and then it will be complete. The hard part is going to be seeing how hard it is to convert into different formats. I think it will look much better as a mobi. file on a kindle but I also want it to look good on a PDF file – I guess I will be able to tell when I start experimenting.

I think the Fire Essence helped give me a push to finish this project. I had 86 of the quotes already written up but something else or new was always popping up and distracting me. Even though it took ages and I stopped for the phone, dinner, television etc I always stuck with it and bit by bit finished all that I had written down in my note book.

I am looking forward to finding how I feel over the next few days as I settle into the Fire Essence.

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