Day 10 – 13 – Earth Essence

I dont really know where to start.

Tuesday – Was lovely relaxing day and I even went and helped a friend who needed some help. It got a bit dramatic but in the end I thought it turned out perfect.

Wednesday – I couldn’t wait all day to go to Meditation with Heidi Bartz. I knew it was going to be amazing and it was – for myself I found it very healing and relaxing but much more then that I found it amazing to witness. One lady who is new to the meditation groups said to me “Does a woman wearing a white dress and red cloak mean”???? She had a vision of this women and she then went on to explain how this vision stood in front of one lady for ages then walked around the room and stood behind Heidi with arm out stretched.

I thought it sounded like Mary Magdalene who Heidi had been channelling during the meditation. Curiosity got the better of me and I had to ask the woman who had Mary standing in front of her for so long, if she  had seen/felt anything.

I asked her did she feel like someone was standing in front of her during the meditation and she looked shocked.
“yes, I felt someone”  I then asked, do you know who it was, “It was Mary Magdalene” she hesitantly said to me.
By this stage I had full body goosebumps and I asked her what did Mary look like.
“she wore a long dark veil and robe” (she didnt say white dress) but described the rest.

Im not a visual person (yet) I would love to see clear visions while in meditation and just hearing these two women’s stories brought me such validation. I have a lot of faith but because I cannot see things I have to trust my sense of knowing and this always leaves room for doubt. I cannot doubt these two women, I know both of them and neither had told each other. To make things more interesting one of them is new to the mediation group and neither of them have been properly introduced. So my logical (annoying) part of my brain cannot deny what happened.


WOW Today was epic and magical and WOW lol. I went for another Transference Healing with Heidi Bartz. This was my 3rd session with Heidi and something I felt ready for. So much happened that I dont even know where to start. Upon arriving I swear that we just started warping time and I felt like we were there for much longer then we were. In my healing it went for about 30 mins of talking then 1 hr of healing with another 30 mins of talking afterwards.

The thing is there is no way that I was only in the healing session for 1 hr it was EPIC. I had a past life wounding that was of Pleiadian origin and I have to admit that this surprised me but I cannot deny the feeling. I don’t know if I am fully ready to talk about it yet but I will say that when she was telling me about it afterwards my body had this weird quivering sensation and I could feel where she had healed my wounding.

Next I started seeing purple dots behind my eyelids and I thought Saint Germain. Not 5 seconds later Heidi thanked Germain for coming forth and she later told me he bathed me in the violet flame after I had my Pleiadian healing. At this stage I had part of my brain saying – this is taking along time and my friend was due to go after me…I was worried she wouldnt have time because I was going over time.

However when you are in such a deep meditative state thoughts like that dont last long. I quickly blanked out and I felt like my chair was vibrating or more likely I was vibrating – almost like I could float away. I had my hands facing down and they started to ache so I turned them over so palms facing up. I later learned that Isis came at that time and took me by the hand.

Heidi had prepared a giant cloth with a Star of David on it and I laid down upon it. So much more happened with Isis which I don’t fully understand yet and I wont talk about it till I know/process it properly. Lets just say that I was completely blown away and Heidi said to me afterwards that she was surprised with how much I am being worked on. She said that different masters and guides are working on so many different levels all at once within me.

Instead of feeling pride in that I feel a tremendous relief. My life is like an insane spiritual roller coaster ride and I sometimes stop and wonder if I am slightly nutty…but this is just confirmation that I am being worked on because A) I have asked for it and I am trying my hardest to process everything  and B) I really feel like I am being prepared for something, as to what I dont know yet.

There is of course more personal things that I dont know if I will ever share – but I just feel that it is important to keep a diary of this.


Today didnt go as expected. I was feeling very strong at work and very competent and then a friend rang. She had a major emotional release and some tough experiences. I really felt honoured to help her but also sadness for her pain. I cant say much more as it is her business.

Its my last day of Earth Essence tomorrow and I have to admit that I am really ready for Fire Essence.

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  1. I do not know whether it’s just me or if perhaps everyone else experiencing issues with your blog. It seems like some of the written text on your content are running off the screen. Can somebody else please comment and let me know if this is happening to them too? This may be a issue with my internet browser because I’ve had this happen before.
    Appreciate it

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