Days 8 & 9 – Earth Essence


It seems like I have been on this essence forever. The Water essence seemed to fly by so quickly but this one seems to keep going and going. I have found it fantastic and was in a delirious state of complete happiness for a week.

However yesterday was a very interesting and somewhat testing day. Someone close to me had a rough day emotionally and it played a bit of havoc with my energy levels. I don’t quite know why because a few days ago I handled similar situations with ease. In this case I was able to notice each time I was being effected but it would still make me feel heavy – like someone threw a wet blanket over my head/aura.

I found that by getting out of the room and spending 10 mins away I was able to quickly centre myself again. However I still don’t understand why yesterday I couldn’t handle the situation as well as a few days ago.


I am so behind on my work load and I am going to have to put in astronomically late hours to get them submitted on time. I really dont understand why I am doing this to myself. I will have to look deep within over the next few days and of course ask my guides to show me why.

I know that I don’t really like a mainstream job but I have to live and survive in a practical 3D reality. If an angel or guide came to me and said….I want you to heal people/planet by doing this then I would do it. But I feel like I still dont have a clear picture of my path. All I can do is take one step at a time and find out where the path leads. However by doing it the step by step way I cant quit my job and  have complete trust that I will be provided for.

Hmmmm more deep pondering to do over the next few days.

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