Day 7 – Earth Essence

I am feeling really pushed to get things done – in fact the push or desire gets bigger each day. Today I wrote up more quotes – its now 2/3 finished and added more pages to this site and I bought a domain for it. It is now – I knew the first words were going to be earth star but I had originally thought earth star healing would be more appropriate.

However it didnt feel right so I meditated and the words earth star rising came into my head. I thought it was perfect because I do believe that more of us are connecting with our earth star – connecting with our Mother Earth. It just feels right in my heart.

The main reason I wanted a domain was for when I start doing markets to sell my face creams and essences etc – its more professional looking and easier to type then lol

I am still feeling wonderful and I am still feeling calm. I dont know if I ever want to leave this Earth Essence and move onto the Fire Essence – the good thing is I know how comforting and supportive Earth Essence is – so I can always come back to it when I have finished all seven essences.

I have been feeling so supported and so much more confident. I have done more in the last few days then I have in the last few months. Part of me believes that its divine timing – I had to go through my big Unconditional Love Lesson in Dec/Jan before I could start things. Whatever the answer is – I love how easy things are happening for me as I put in the hours to get this all done. I am not getting bored  and I am just getting in the zone.

Blessings to all xoxox

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