Day 6 – Earth Essence

I feel like I have been taking Earth Essence for years and all is golden and rosy in the world.

I have really thought about the essence that I am taking and how it is helping me – I have gone back to the description and certain parts are standing out.

“This Essence will allow them to be centred, grounded and find their direction and then proceed forward with clarity and focus.”

“The Water Essence, by helping to dissolve away the limitations of where you believe you are capable of going prepares the way for the Earth Essence to then take you beyond your old reference points and limitations.”

I really feel like I am proceeding forward with clarity and focus – and yes I would agree that Water Essence helped me wash away some of my self doubt. Only today I was telling a friend that I do not want to limit myself.

Today I really helped a friend and all I did was sit there and listen. I gave some advice that came to me and she would say “funny you say that I was just thinking that this morning.”

I dont think she noticed but she said that to me at least three times and I began to feel that our conversation was pre-scripted in some ways. There was an obvious agreement between us at a higher self level – she would decided to open up and I would be there for her when she needed it and say a few key things.

The really interesting thing is that I felt amazing on an energy level. There are times when I get effected by other peoples emotions and negative situations that they find themselves in. It kind of makes me feel heavy and sad at the same time. However today I just felt wonderful to be detached at an energetic level and at the same time of service.

I felt like I was not just of service to her but also to the planet – or to a much bigger picture. I have also decided to book a healing with Heidi again for next Wednesday, I feel like she is showing me vital past life links that I am integrating into this lifetime. I feel like I am standing on a cliff and I am about to jump off with no fear.

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