Day 5 – Earth Essence

Today was another a beautiful day that was just effortlessly happy.

I did some practical things that I have been to busy or distracted to do. I have edited some things on this blog as I am preparing myself to add a new page for my ebook that I have been saying that I would do for months. I am finally getting my act together and working on things that my guides have been wanting me to do for ages. I first got guided to do up the quotes way back in September I think but it was a project that I worked on it bits and pieces.

The quotes are half written up on a word document and after they are done all I have to do is add an introduction and conclusion. However I have realised that there is a few things that need to be done in preparation for when I am finished – I need to learn how to convert it to other formats and attach the cover image I have chosen.

I also have created another blog – this one is going to be a promotional blog for the ebooks that I am involved in. Not just my own but those of my friends that I am helping. One friend is doing up her poems and another has prayers and channelled messages. But I thought it might be a nice place for healers I know to promote events/workshop – those kinds of promotional things.

I am going to be also adding a page about the essences I am taking and change the name of this blog into a proper website. So basically over the next week I am going to be adding a bit of a facelift to this blog.

I have no idea if its the Earth Essence or the Divine Feminine Energies or the fact that Saturn has just gone retrograde. Pick any of those things but all I know is that I am feeling wonderful and very certain of what I am suppose to be doing to help people. I feel like I am firmly planted on my path and walking forward easily. Im going with the flow!!!

Here is a Youtube song that a friend sent me and I really liked.

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