Day 3 – Earth Essence

WOW I think I got hit over the head with a gentle spiritual brick lol

Drunvalo’s predictions about today being special and the beginning of the shift into the Divine Feminine is really resonating with me.

I have always found his work amazing and in this case it just rings true. Today I have had countless times when my heart just seemed to be smiling. I had an hour long conversation with Heidi and hung up smiling and realise that my heart was so light and happy. Then I read a beautiful poem that touched my heart and then had a great conversation with a friend in Bali who is channelling lovely elemental and earth messages.

I realised that today I am just effortlessly happy and more productive. I started writing up my quotes that I have got during meditations the last few months and I also go guided to write about my experiences with Isis. This was quite personal for me to do but I felt that it is really important that we open ourselves up the the Divine Feminine that is already within us and that is ready to be reawakened.

I feel so light and wonderful, it is 1.14am and I have been up since 6am and I just dont seem to have enough time to do all that I want but I am still buzzing with energy. I guess I better go to bed, its flooding here again but I even find that joyful lol.

So much love and light to all xoxox


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