Day 2 – Earth Essence

Well its been one of those days.

I have struggled with my work/job again and the need to do something about it is really driving itself home today. I know that there will be months of planning/implementing in order to start moving into a more spiritual job/business but I don’t think I am working fast enough.

I have bought some supplies and done some research this last week but I think I need to really do a bit more so it seems real to me. I am more confident then I have ever been though – I really think that I can move out of mainstream work and into more spiritual based stuff.

I feel slightly melancholic for some reason, I cannot say why just yet but I believe that it will be revealed to me in next few days.

I have one of those impending feelings. I get them when I know that I am about to go through something. A lesson – an activation – raise my vibration…any of these things. It doesnt feel global, it feels more personal then that – I am going to a meditation on Wednesday with Heidi Bartz……..hooo boy is she amazing, so maybe that is what I am sensing?

Time will tell.

2 thoughts on “Day 2 – Earth Essence

  1. Hi!

    I have got to known about Heidi Bartz from Crystal Castle. Just wondering if I could get her contact from you? I am looking at healing process and love to find out from her.


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