Day 14 – Water Essence

I still have the same feeling of completion so I am very excited to start Earth Essence tomorrow.

Today was interesting, I got up after a restless nights sleep and I felt like I was hung over. I had the headache, the stumbling tiredness, the bleariness and general ugh feeling. I had none of the self pity omg why did I drink so much though haha.

I dont drink alcohol so the hangover feeling was a mystery until I turned on my computer and I found out about the meteor exploding over Russia. I am a HUGE believer in humans being sensitive to the Electromagnetic Grid surrounding the planet and when that grid is impacted by solar flares and solar storms I have witnessed the effects it has on myself and my friends.

I believe this meteor had really interesting symptoms and would  have to have some effects.

*I had strange dreams then exhaustion in the morning.
*One friend had some of the most funniest bazaar dreams I have ever heard of.
*My mum sees specific colours while meditating but last night she couldnt sleep because the colours were so intense and her left ear pulsed/ticked loudly.
*One friend saw alot of galactic activity and had strange dreams – but woke up and was very serene but had balance problems.
*One friend slept like a baby but woke up early went out on her veranda and looked around feeling like something had happened.
*My 8 month pregnant friend was exhausted more then usual and her bub was moving so much inside of her that it was making her sick, she said it was the most active she has been ever.

I cannot wait to find out more about what my other friends have felt and experienced today. One thing that I do find interesting is those of my friends that are more in-tune with ETs or Galactic beings seemed to be more serene while those of us that are more elemental seemed to have been effected more.

On a side note – I saved a baby bird today and rang the wild life carers.

I told them I thought it was a baby bush turkey but they seemed doubting on the phone. My friend taught me to ask questions to my heart. So I said “Sacred Heart show me how it feels if this is a baby bush turkey”. I then felt an expanding light feeling (means Yes) I then asked “Sacred Heart show me how it feels if this is not a baby bush turkey” and I felt this deflating heavy feeling. So my heart was confirming that it was a baby bush turkey.

When I handed the bird over the carer told me it wasnt a bush turkey it wasnt fluffy enough.

I drove home doubting my feelings and heart – I thought I had failed in what my friend showed me. But something told me that I should google the image of a baby bush turkey and there they were about 10 pics all identical to what I saved today. So I then had to apologise to my Sacred Heart for not trusting it when it told me something haha.

In Animal Messages/guidance  – The bush turkey represent the aboriginal people and their spiritual connection to the land. However on a more personal note my favourite mountain in the whole world (Wollumbin) was named that by the aborigines because it is shaped like a bush turkey. So I feel like I tried to save a baby totem of my favourite mountain and learnt the lesson to trust my heart all in one.

The universe is Amazing.


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