Day 10-12 – Water Essence

Tuesday – very tired getting over staying up to 4am to write so late. But very very proud of myself because I wrote some really important news articles that I hope will change my communities views on a few issues. Enough boring work talk.

I have things I need to do but I feel like I am just waiting and watching, it is quite strange and a bit weird.
Wednesday – I took my niece up to Uni for her introduction and to get things organised. I am so proud of her but also slightly worried that she will be a bit overwhelmed. One person found out I was her Aunty and said I looked way to young. This makes me laugh, the closer I near 30 the more determined I am to stop ageing lol

I went to my weekly meditation and I found my two bosses there. I thought omg what if they judge me or stare at me etc  lol I then really looked at my ego voice/shadow self and decided I was not going to worry about what some other people thought of me. I decided to just let myself go and enjoy the mediation and I did – it was wonderful. Afterwards I talked to them and they are very open minded and I think quite spiritual. I am so loving my life because I somehow managed to find a workplace that is filled with amazing people and two bosses who are spiritual……thankyou Universe.

Thursday – I just wanted a complete vegie day. I wanted to tuck myself up and read for ages and just enjoy myself, I struggled a little during the afternoon and got very irritated with a family member for no reason.

I think this happened because I was picking up on energy  within the family dynamics. I must naturally shied but in this case I was opened up to the negativity and I got grumpy. However I went in to town bought some gravillea’s  (honey eater bird attracting plant) and hen layby a necklace for my self.

I am almost at the end of Water Essence and I feel much better but also like I am ready to finish this one and move on. Its got that completed feeling.

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