Day 9 – Water Essence

Today I felt very blessed by the universe because everything worked out for the best. I managed to get all the articles that I needed and I really really felt that if you dont stress, then the universe provides for you – I walked into work needing a mini miracle and I got one.

There is a down side. I really procrastinated over the writing of the articles because I am not really that passionate about them, well one I was. I still have two to do before I can go to sleep so I can submit them in the morning. I find this slightly depressing because I know that I am repeating past mistakes. I just seem to wait to the last possible second when my heart is not in it.

On a positive note I printed out pictures for most of what I want for my vision board. I was suppose to do that on Sunday night for the new moon/new chinese  year but I have been to busy. I have one more thing to print out and then I will do it up and start manifesting.

I best get back to writing. Just a quick post tonight.

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