Day 7 – Water Essence

Today I am half way through my first essence and feeling more settled. It seems that my days of deep reflection are over and I am now beginning to feel alot more confident about the things I have discovered and the things that I want to manifest into my life.

I talked my thoughts over with my friend and she was really supportive and during her conversation she said to me, you should meet this lady who is very shamanic…i laughed and said, you wouldnt believe the book I am reading at the moment. I believe this is an indicator that I will be adding shamanistic rituals/kits to the things I want to sell. I just feels right.

I have continued to connect with nature and just enjoying the little things. I spent a few minutes watching this tiny red headed finch trying to get a spider and just enjoying the MOMENT.

The Isis cards I bought are out of the world amazing. I did a 5 card spread and it was spot on about everything that is happening in my life I feel so blessed to be having these confirmations from the Universe that I am on the right path.

The thing I find so interesting is that this water essence is perfect for me. The deep reflection is like a deep pool of water, like I am the pond and I looked deep into the heart of the pond. I didn’t find a frog prince but I did find some things that I want to manifest into my life and I brought innocent joy back.

I am exhausted, we are in the middle of an astrological ‘golden period’ until the 19th because no planets are in retrograde and I swear my life is just busy busy busy, run run run. I will pleased when things slow down again soon.


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