Day 6 – Water Essence

Hoo Boy do I have my love an joy back and I didnt even know it was missing to such an extent.

Before December 21st I used to take delight in the littlest things. In finding a rock on the ground to seeing a leaf waving at me  from a plant and I used to smile and feel so light and carefree and my heart felt the size of a room. I don’t want you to think that I dont believe that Dec 21st was important, what I think it did was force me into having a major life lesson that took 6 weeks to process and move through – now that I have learnt that lesson I can move forward and walk my path with ease again.

Today I woke up and drew a card – It was Tanzanite. Oh reading that just made my soul sigh with such beauty, I was nearly in tears because I knew that this reading and this crystal was special. WOW just writing about it fills me with that same amazing feeling I had this morning. I know I am destined to have one of these crystals and to connect with it like I have with Selenite.

I visited the Crystal shop in town and asked for some and she didnt have any, the book/cards I own said that it can be quite rare and expensive. Something told me not to leave the shop and I went over to the jewellery section. I was thinking of getting a Tanzanite necklace and the owner of the shop said = I was just talking to one of the woman that does a local markets and she just got some and has some jewellery.

I was smiling at lifes little nudges again and I still felt like I couldnt leave the shop. I thought why am I still here and I remembered that I was going to get her to order me the Isis Oracle cards that I have been wanting. She had a customer and I walked over to the book cabinet and THERE was the Isis cards. They hadnt been there the week before.

I grasped them to my heart and walked up to her and she said “Those are amazing, when they came in I picked up one and got a full body shiver and  I had to take one pack home” – this wasnt her trying to sell me something, we had talked guidance cards in the past. It was just further guidance that these cards were going to be special.

To make things even funnier, I have already drawn two cards to help other people and NONE for myself. How is that for patience – normally I would be ripping into them as soon as I got them to the car.

I am VERY happy 🙂

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