Day 5 – Water Essence

Today has had some completely amazing things happen which were all confirmations from the universe.

Lets start with what I have been thinking of doing in order to change my job which doesnt make me happy any more. I learnt how to make completely natural face creams that use essential oils and Australian Bush Flower Remedies in them so they not only feel great on the skin but can heal you emotionally at the same time. There is specific essences like Mulla Mulla which is great from drawing radiation out of you skin. Or She Oak which is great for water retention in the skin so you dont get dry skin. (those are just two examples).

I have made them in the past and everyone I gave them to reported great things. My mother had a dry patch of skin that was being irritated by every other skin product she used, even some of the more gentle commercial products or natural products. I made her a blend that was completely bland with only a few basic things in there that would be of benefit and it helped her immensely.

I have spend the last few days thinking of things that made me happy in the past and I did feel joy while making these up. I like making up concoctions and setting intentions as I make them so that they are made specifically for that individual. For this reason I am going to just go to one market each month and make the face creams up in front of people. The benefits are a) they can see they are getting something completely fresh. b) I can heal specific problems for each individual. c) I can really see myself doing it visually and I am going with my guidance.

The interesting thing is that from the moment I had this thought I started getting really interesting guidance from many different places. My mother rang me up and randomly told me about a candle ritual you can do to help you sleep and my inner guide was going – you can do that on your stall. Then I brought a book called In the Shadow of the Shaman with me to mind my friends house. The way I randomly shoved it in my bag then its had all these important messages in it is very telling. There is one ritual in there that I feel I need to bring to peoples awareness.

The really interesting thing is that over the last 6 months I have been guided to a range of different teachings/modalities that I can all incorporate into this one place and sell products that heal people on a practical and spiritual level. Flower Essences, Colour Therapy, Crystals, Shamanism or Earth rituals, face creams, bath products, Jewellery making.

Only a week ago I was talking about making my own essential oils and now I know why I have been collecting books on this for years and learning about it. I feel deep in my heart that I can find real happiness in making these products and kits up and be of benefit to others.

I did a ritual out of the book today which was designed to connect me to the four elements and spirit. It was amazing after I finished I felt this deep sense of calm and I came in and sat on the lounge, read a few pages then went unconscious for a few hours and had a nanna nap. I kept the salt + water solution and will continue to use it/connect with the elements over the next few days.

Tonight I had two things happen which makes me COMPLETELY certain that I am doing the right thing.

I was sitting on the toilet and thinking is this real? Do I really want to do this? I have been thinking of calling my business Earth Star Healing and I was thinking – it has a name, it feels possible, but am I a crack pot. Then the posters on the wall in front of me started moving like they were blowing in the wind (but there was none). Full on rippling like water and it was really very disorientating but at the same time I didnt think it weird or scary, it just gave me vertigo. So I shut my eyes and everything was purple, there was this bright violet purple circle that glowed. I started thinking of St Germaine and felt calm.

Then I come out and find in my email a newsletter from Robbyne LaPlant and she talks about creating a vision board and how Sunday’s new moon is perfect for it. She talks about everything I have been doing for the last two days, being self reflective but also being REAL careful on what I want to put up on my vision board.

So here I am – its taken me all night to write this and its nearly midnight. I feel more certain then I was the other day but I also feel like it is important to not over think things. In this case I wanted to take two days to really find out what makes me happy but it was really soon that my guides started showing me stuff – so there is no need to worry, just ask for help and trust you will get guidance.

When in doubt go sit on the toilet lol

I leave you with a video that a friend made, I find it a beautiful wink from the universe that his message is PERFECT for my experiences over the last two days.


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