Day 4 – Water Essence

Today was pretty amusing for myself. My ego did NOT want to look deep within so it created little fun things to do like – clean, feed animals, clean then random clean again some more.  I should mention that I hate cleaning so the fact I was doing it is pretty telling on just how desperate my ego was to distract me.

So…the deep thinking – it was both successful and not quite successful. I still feel like there is a few more things that I want to really think about before committing my whole energies to. In the past I get a idea that I really like and start trying to manifest it but its things that I am not fully wanting or passionate about so they never manifest fully.

I’ve had a day chock filled with synchronicities again, some of the quite blatant. I brought a book with me called In the Shadow of the Shaman and its divinely guided that I randomly picked it off my shelf to bring with me – and I was suppose to read it TODAY. I think partly to pass on a message to a lady I met tonight but also it inspired ideas within me.

I did a few productive things and worked on both books that I want to write. The inspirational quotes should be finished and out within the next week. The book about my Light Essence Journey last Sept-Nov will be done in the next few weeks. I am thinking of putting up some of the essences for sale – not just the two Light Essences but also some of the combination essences that I have used on myself and I know work.

There is one I am thinking called “Uh Oh, Major Woe” – its three flower essence combination that I took when I was going through this major life lesson and was procrastinating – it gave me the jump start to get my act together and I finished a lot of things I had been putting off for a month (in two days I finished it all).

Lastly – I went to our weekly meditation night and we learnt some more Geomancing techniques – it was fascinating but I couldnt feel energy like I normally do. I think this might be partly because I am so self reflective that I am very internal but also very in the mind. I plan to practice some more over the next few days where there are not so many people around.

I have also been getting clear guidance to spend time in nature…getting this guidance from books, tarot cards, conversations and my own intuition – so that is my plans for tomorrow.

Blessings xoxox

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