Day 3 – Water Essence

Today I have had the real urge to connect with myself on a deep inner level. I had planned to go to work for a few hours then come home and go completely hermit for 2.5 days. However the universe conspired to have all these things happen which mean I didnt get back for hours.

It turned out for the best though, I have visited family and dealt with work. This means that I can have the next two days completely FREE to do nothing but really look at my life. I want to ask the question – What makes me happy? What do I want to do with my life? What do I want to put my energy into and manifest?

Since getting home I have realised that I am getting the urge to not access my computer (except for 10 mins to update these posts). I think my guides and higherself want me to just sit down tomorrow and do nothing but look with in. This made me realise that I dont really do this, I day dream and ponder a bit before going to sleep. But at no time do I spend hours doing nothing.

I am always on the computer, writing, reading, taking, listening, planning etc – at no time do I just sit and let myself BE.

To tell you the truth the thought of it is kind of making me squirm = what will I do with myself for a whole day if I dont fall back onto my normal activities. If I do be quiet will my head fall off my shoulders and roll away in shock?

All I know is that tomorrow I am going to go with my intuition and see where the day leads.

No computer, No Reading, No Phone Calls – just really thinking about what I REALLY want and doing longer meditations.

Blessings xoxox

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