Day 2 – Water Essence

Today I have been feeling very tired and flat. I had a restless night full of strange dreams I have since forgotten, I didnt write them down because they seemed a bit silly but I found out that 2 other people that are on the Water Essences are having weird dreams to.

Today I also came to an uncomfortable realisation.

I dont like my work, I am a part time journalist and I have tried to talk myself into the job. I get to learn great things about my community, I get to write about interesting things that help my community. I write a lot about charity work so I feel like I am being of service to my community. But I am not happy.

Today I went to work and I have had a lot of trouble writing my articles that I have to write. I have no enthusiasm for them and they have to be done by 9 am tomorrow morning.

While this is inconvenient – I am not all together upset by the predicament that I am now in. I will probably have to stay up to 3 am finishing them all but  I see this as the Water Essence and the universe showing me that I am not happy and need to do something.

This does not mean I am going to rush out and quit, however it does mean that I have to look at my life and ask myself WHAT do I want?

So while not all together a comfortable day – it is something I need to address.

Blessings xoxox

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