Day 1 – Water Essence

It shouldn’t amaze me at how fast these essences work but then again if I cant take amazement at the awesome things in my life then there is something wrong with me.

I took my first dose of the Water essence yesterday afternoon and again last night and then proceeded to lose the cat I was minding. I am house sitting for a friend for the week and I couldn’t believe that this cat had got out of the back door (which doesnt close properly and I learnt this the hard way lol).

After realising the cat was gone I got the torch and went outside calling it but it didnt show up. I ended up going to bed and I laid there thinking – there is no use stressing about it. I then said a little prayer to my guides and the deva’s of the land where I am staying – I asked them to look out for any birds or animals that the cat might hunt. I felt responsible for unleashing a little hunter on unsuspecting wildlife and I apologised for my ignorance but told the Deva’s it wasn’t maliciousness that was behind my actions it had been an accident.

I woke up today and there was still no cat = I took another dose of my Water Essence and rang my mum. I told her what I was going on and that I was going to have to ring my new neighbour and ask for advice if they have seen the cat etc. I said to my mum, I will just go to the toilet and then ring the guy.

Well I went to the toilet, came out, picked up the phone and …..there was the cat at the side door. I had to laugh, the whole thing had been one synchronisity after another. It wasnt till it was all over that I had a moment to sit down and I realised just how different I am now in comparison to 12 months ago.

Last year I would have dramatised the entire situation not because I saw it as an opportunity to be all OMG why me….more because in general I was more attached to the global mass consciousness. Because I see on tv and friends would use it as an excuse to freak out = I would have been exactly like that last year.

Now the first thing I think of is to ask for help from my guides and the local Deva’s. I am really proud of my reaction and I believe that the universe provided me with this opportunity to learn. If I didnt lose the cat I wouldnt have seen how far I have come.

That is why I think the universe is amazing, I have been taking the essences less then a day and already I am having experiences that makes me look at myself differently. The other interesting thing is that I am not so pessimistic about these drops. I thought uh oh WATER ESSENCE I will probably cry for the whole 2 weeks.

But I have realised that these Water Essences might be lovely for me and be a massive release.

Another interesting thing is I was guided to pick up a book from my friends bookshelf that I was thinking about for awhile. It was The Celestine Prophecies and I went into some kind of time warp and read 6 chapters/insights in what seemed like no time at all. One thing that is really resonating is seeing food as energy, eating vegetables and really enjoying and thanking the food that I put in my mouth. I am still a vegetarian and have been for over 6 months now, I have zero craving for meat and see it has an energy thing. But this chapter I read has made me really aware of the processed foods I am eating and lately a strange craving for sweets when I hadnt had them in months. I think this is the universes way of telling me I need to grow my own food and share energy with them so that I then in turn consume that energy back. I also think they are telling me not to eat any more of the processed stuff, I am going to ask for more guidance to be sure.

I think these essences are going to be more elemental and one thing that Ian White said in his newsletter in December really resonated with me = he said that the energies of the moment are so intense that we are moving through life lessons at an amazing rate. Basically there is so much dross and energy that needs washing away because we are shifting so fast.

I am so excited to be taking these drops and I cant wait to see what happens with the rest of them. Its a two and half month journey but I know that these drops will help me with everything that is going on. Some of my acquaintances think that they are so spiritually advanced that they don’t need the drops, but then they still struggle with the energies. I think that is silly thinking because Ian White is a powerful healer and he channelled the messages of when/where to go and make these drops for the BENEFIT of everyone.

Love and Blessings to all xoxo

7 thoughts on “Day 1 – Water Essence

  1. It is interesting…I just finished writing my post today about all of the synchronicity I had noticed in my life this week…and then I read you post where you were talking about an example in your week as well. Hmmmm? Kim

    • I also read The Celestine Prophecies in one day – weird time warp things happened in morning and at night. It talks about how noticing synchronicities is the first insight – so that is adding to the interesting LOL have you read the book??? its a very easy to read parable.

  2. These White Light Essences sound amazing! I just checked out the website. Funny, I just picked up that book about a week ago! I haven’t read it yet but this is encouragement to do so.

        • That is pretty expensive hun, they dont cost that much in Australia. Have a shop around and see what you can get them for. Hell I could get them to you for a 1/3 of that price but I dont have the book or cd though.

          Maybe see if you have have a local distributor in a shop near you.

          I would do them for $70 + Postage. I think the last time I posted any to the States it cost me $30 bucks.

          But shop around –

          thats the official Australian Bush Flower Essences website and I clicked on the USA distributors. Have a browse on their websites and check them out 🙂

          • Thank you! I looked and we do have a distributor… not sure if they actually have a shop or if they just ship them. Not much cheaper though. About $25 less for the pack. haha.I will do some more digging and give them a call.

            thanks again.

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