Crystal Dreaming

My friend Ahana LaRa said something very profound to me (she does this all the time lol)

She said that when we receive guidance, ideas or messages from our guides or higherself – it is important to write it all down and put it out there for people to read. She said its a way of honouring the gift and messages that we receive.

I have been thinking about it since she told me and I have thought about it on an energetic level. For example: I have been having some very interesting experiences and dreams about crystals. Part of me says “I must put that up on the blog” but I get distracted by something else and I didn’t do it.

I realised that no…I am no honouring the messages and gifts from my guides. But on an energetic level I am not pouring my energies into the situation so in some ways I am hindering the manifestation processes. If my guides show me something and my instinct tells me that I should share it – – – and then I don’t share it. I am in fact ignoring my guides.

That just proves to my guides that I am not being serious and I am not ready to be shown the next level. I believe this is why the dreams stopped. There has been times that I have had my guides keep drumming me with info until I got it but being human is about having free will.

The lesson is using my free will to follow my guidance and ACT upon that guidance. So in the spirit of honouring my new found experiences with some crystals I will be posting about Rose Quartz, Sunstone and Celestite tommorow when I finish researching one final thing.

The time to ACT is here – no more pussy footing around. My guides will not help me along my path if I don’t put the effort into it.

Love and Blessings

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