Donating Cause You Care

I am not someone that has a lot of money. I make enough to live on and enough to pay off my debts slowly. However I don’t mind helping out when someone asks me for genuine help.

Mitch Battros is someone who spends countless hours writing articles about earth and solar events. I receive his newsletters and really appreciate them. Mitch asked for help and I sent him $10 – I wish I could do more.

This has made me think about the shift that is happening. In the past I would have had cynical thoughts, I would have not donated and told myself that there is the chance that is a scam. But that mentality has changed and I dont think it is just in myself that is has changed. Now when I read about Mitch I feel his need and I want to help him, because that is what oneness is about. His pain is my pain and his relief will be my relief when he is helped.

I am seeing more and more people in my community starting to care about each other where months ago they wouldnt have. People seem to be helping others and then kind of wondering why they did so. I cannot wait to see the next few months unfold. Change is definitely happening and its faster then we think 🙂

Love & Blessings to all.

Click here if you want to Help Mitch Out

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