Predictions for 2013

I found this really REALLY accurate with what I have been experiencing. Especially just within the last few days. I am feeling alot more confident 🙂


Day 3: What I’ve been hearing most from Lightworkers is that they thought the year would start a little more slowly, but BAM! 2013 is HERE! You are probably noticing that you are manifesting quite rapidly. Things that are not in alignment with you are falling away. Your astute work is to determine where you are in or out of alignment with integrity (Love, Service to All, the Greater Good…) and adjust. Do you need to take responsibility for something? Do you need to stand for your beliefs? Do you need to let go of something? Change directions? Take a risk? Shine your Light? Forgive? Taking the high road can be a tiring climb – but what a view! 2013 is a 6 numerologically (balance), so it should be a little easier than 2012.
Time Warp

Have any of you noticed that it seems like time has slowed down even though things are happening fast? It’s not a phenomenon that I’m accustomed to lately, but there it is. The 12/21/12 alignment is about a shift in time as we begin our earnest mastering of Time, one of many facets of Ascension. We are still within the cycles of time, we are just operating from a more creative position. While we will still notice linear time, we will have increased ability to access multi-time. While we are still beholden to our Soul Progression, we are benefitted by the solar activity and magnetics of the alignment that we have not only passed, but are moving through ongoing. Time will be more malleable as we experience multiple timelines and locations. Focus becomes pertinent.
Brain Games

In 2013 our brains will be going through some wonderful upgrades. We will be processing information much faster. I’m shown it as ‘multi-tracking’ which is the ability to scan through multiple potentials. Your intuition, discernment and deduction will increase. Much of this will occur in the first quarter, so trust your body’s guidance about water, rest and food. Stretch your mind like you stretch your body. Stretch your compassion, your forgiveness and your focus. When you are able to ‘multi-track’ into an imagined future, your electro-magnetic brain is magnetizing the building blocks for it. Your focus shifts your energy field and The Field of Life responds to you. Focus, Lightworker. You’re a powerful creator.
January 2013

There are 2 main directives as we begin the year. Ending separation and unlocking the throat. No small tasks! This year is a year of focus as we balance further into the Golden Age. Unity consciousness is a deep, loving state of detachment that appreciates the value of diversity and fosters individuality within a nurturing collective. As you forgive, you are opening flow in your energetic field that results in flow into new possibility, new dimensional awareness. As you appreciate, you are opening a flow of new energy that ushers movement into new possibility. Everything is connected. If you are wanting connection with your mastery, with your multi-dimensional nature or even with another; you connect with your full flow. No resentment, no guilt, no blame. Oh my! ;o)

Unlocking the throat has more to do than with just words, the throat also represents manifestation (word!). Unlocking the throat is about expression. Are you clear on when speaking up is beneficial to a moment, just as not speaking up can be beneficial to another moment? Observe your impulses and the results they bring in your life. Not all communications are pleasant, but all have the potential to be beneficial. See the gift in your challenges. Are you expressing your talents, your unique Light? Are you expressing your desires into your life – not always through words, but also with thoughts, actions and emotions? Don’t mistake being honest with your emotions for spewing unnecessary pain, and don’t mistake spewing unnecessary pain for a break from forgiveness. You must be honest with yourself about how you’re feeling, forgive (yourself and/or another) and move into more mastery as soon as you can. Focus and stretch. It’s a new dawn!

Here we are, Lightworker Family! Beyond the magnificent 12/21/2012 into the new year. While our work is not over, it becomes more joyful with your focus and the magnetics around us are supporting our evolution ever more strongly. Take a moment to breathe in the new you and appreciate all the support you’ve had and all the benefit you’ve had from cultivating your inner power. You are changing the world around you, feeding The Field with your intent and Life responds. Enjoy the challenges, the resolutions and the surprises yet to come. Life begins anew each moment. Focus your Love and stretch your arms out to embrace Life. Thank you so much for being YOU. Happy 2013!

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7 thoughts on “Predictions for 2013

  1. Wow, what an uplifting post!! The throat comments interest me because I have had problems swallowing for the last few years. It is not a physical problem; it is an anxiety issue that seems to come up when I am on highways. It is a disorder that snuck up on me a few years ago. Any thoughts about whether this might be connected to my need to communicate?? Kim

    • A few things come to mind.

      Firstly ask yourself what was going on in your life when the throat problems started. Did you move house, change jobs, relationship problems etc?

      Secondly – Do you find yourself holding your opinions back? Is there someone close to you that doesnt listen and you have gave up trying to speak your truth because its easier to just hold it in.

      Lastly – I find the comment about it happening on the highways. I feel this might be key and could be something you were not expecting. Some kind of trauma associated with highways? A past life death on the road and you carry the feeling into this lifetime.

      In general I am meeting more and more women who are getting pushed by the universe to speak up. This doesnt mean we all have to start screaming but it does mean we have to start acknowledging when we are holding back.

      Do you often have intuitive thought and want to tell people things but worry about them judging you? This is a very typical way of how throat chakra’s can become blocked.

      Love and Blessings xoxox

      • Thank you for taking the time to get back to me…I am quite outspoken in my work life but do hold back in my personal life. I will think on the ideas you have suggested and see what comes of it. Thanks very much….Kim

        • I love self reflecting and I am an Aries with Sagittarius Rising. I can be quite brutal with looking at my feelings and asking why am I doing this.

          Have you read Power of Now by eckhart tolle…?

          This book single handedly helped me really analyse myself and my feeling. It was also a hard book to read but I did it bit by bit

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