Are people really disillusioned with the 21st December???

I have to ask myself this question after reading a few post on Spirit Library and on Facebook.

After some thought I have to say that NO I am not sad, disappointed or disillusioned. I think that there was much attention and confusion about the date and in the months before hand I didnt know what to expect. However by early December I moved into a more centred place of divine love and oneness.

I am not saying that it has been easy, from 13-18 of December I was an emotional Yo-Yo. One moment sad, the next confused, the next calm, the next happy. But on the 19th I just surrendered to whatever was going to happen and went with the flow. I personally had some magical things happen on 21st of December because I made the effort to gather and celebrate the day with others. When there is more then one focused intention there is always going to have something happen.

We were blessed with over 30 dolphins swim past the moment our meditation was over and then a few come and play right in front of us. We were also blessed with fine weather when 10 mins away they had 2 thunderstorms and rain. I count these are confirmations that the elementals and our guides were blessing us because we were sending out our blessing to the rest of the world. So much love and relaxation that day.

In the week following Dec 21st I have experienced moments of extreme detachment. I have 2 things that I need to do but keep putting them off. I dont care about them when I normally would/should. I feel like my reality and priorities are shifting and it is hard to do thing when my heart/mind feels torn in different directions.

Through everything I have done/felt seen or experience lately I feel confident in saying that I have ZERO doubt that there is a shift happening. That Dec 21st made a huge difference and that all we have to do is surrender to the flow and let our higher selves come out and play.

Anyone reading this, know that I feel such love at times that my heart feels as big as the room. At this moment I am bursting with joy, love and contentment. Love – such a simple thing is effortless when we consciously choose to stop living how we used to and choose how we are going to react/live in this very MOMENT.

Love and Blessings to you all xoxox

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