Animal Guidance – Bobcat

I am joined up to Pinetree or David Wodtke’s emailing list and he just sent out this wonderful message from bobcat.
It also talks about the snake which I have been having alot of experiences with lately in my dreams.
Even day dreams. I really resonated with this message and wanted to share it.

The feelings of isolation and the feelings of solitude are closely 
linked. Bobcat, my Friend, you have walked beside me in secret all 
these years. I know you are there for me. I Thank You. Do you have 
some words to share?


Yes, I am Bobcat, the solitary One from the Woods. I walk with you 
in Secret only appearing for brief moments because my Power is 
much stronger in Silence.

When I held the Snake and looked into Your Eyes I came with a 
reminder that your Transformation and Healing is accomplished 
only in Silence by the Grace of the Great Mystery.

To feed on Snake is to ingest the energy of the Earth Vibration. 
Earth Changes are now opening in the People new faculties of 
awareness in the Inner Bodies. Many are opening new Eyes. 

This may feel unpleasant when you first see through to the Ugliness 
and Pettiness of Yourself or those around you. Ignorance and 
materialism run rampant in the World. 

But remember when I came to you again last year? I walked before 
you on the Path and patiently waited for you to follow and cross the 
crest of the hill. This is the gift I humbly offer from the Heart of the 
Divine Earth Mother. As you Walk Your Path in Silence through the 
Secrets Within I will Patiently wait and guide each One.

Follow me steadfastly and you will see through the Inner Darkness 
as I do. You will see into the Heart Core of the Mother which 
illuminates each Child of Earth. Then you will know each One is 
even now shining more and more brightly with Love, Gratitude and 
Respect for all Life.


Thank You Bobcat.

Much Love, Pine Tree

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and look on the right hand side and scroll down.

2 thoughts on “Animal Guidance – Bobcat

  1. lol I am glad you enjoyed your camping trip here on my blog.

    This blog is part diary – part hope that some people will stumble across it and find it useful.

    See you around the camp fire xoxox

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