Snake Dreaming

According to my Animal dreaming book snake dreaming represents:

“Snake suggests that we look at our baggage, our burdens and our pain and transmute them into new opportunity, new life and the chance to start our journey over again. She offers us the chance to physically rebirth ourselves by strengthening us emotionally and deepening our relationship with Spirit.”

In my dream I went for a bushwalk with friends and I sat on a rock.  When I was there a Brown Snake (poisonous) came up beside me and I started talking to it like it was a friend. The snake answered back and we had a conversation that I cannot fully remember. It then asked me to pull a metal splinter out of its skin (like a needle).

I pulled the snake onto my lap and tried to pull the metal shaving out but I couldnt do it, so I told the snake I would try and use my teeth. The friends in my dream then started to yell out in fear but I had no fear, the snake was as conscious as I was. There was a sense of oneness or equality. I raised the snake to my mouth and managed to pull the metal splinter out with my teeth. In the process snake blood got in my mouth and smeared across my face.

Once again my friends were worried but I just kept talking to the snake as a friend and then the dream ended.

I am not sure what this dream means to me, I actually feel like it is multi-layered and I  understand some of it but I am missing some of the rest of the knowledge/meaning. I have had dreams of snakes before (I helped one give birth in a dream) and after the dreams there was always times of fast spiritual growth, or something ‘big’ or ‘new’ happening in my life.

Life certainly is interesting at the moment isnt it. I used to only feel energy and intuitively sense things but now I am becoming more visual. I think its because I surrendered and just let whatever happen….happen.

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