Living Naturally

This is so much easier then I ever thought it would be. Its something that I have thought of for years but have put off. There are still a few foods that I am fading out (finding substitutes for) but I am about 90% organic and would love to get to the 100% soon.

I make my own face creams, I have have organic and natural shampoo/conditioner, handmade soaps, earth friendly cleaning products. So I feel that the cleaning product side of my life is almost perfect. I learnt that our skin is an organ – I didnt know this – I think of all the stuff I used to touch and put on my skin and I cringe.

My diet is undergoing a revolution. I have given up meat and I am sourcing my vegies from local famers markets until our vegies become ready (we have one garden planted and making a second). The only place our diet needs improvement is swapping our refined flours for spelt and trying new legumes, pastas, etc.

I encourage everyone to make changes like I have in their lives. For Mother Earth and for our health, I cannot stop thinking about my great grandparents generation – they had hardly any of the issues that our society is facing, because their diet was more simplistic and healthier.

Tomorrow I am visiting a biodynamics vegetable farm and I might be sourcing my food from there soon. I have also noticed that I have started craving more fruit. I think the key to living is paying attention to what the body wants/needs.

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