Animal Meanings & Guidance

I am constantly amazed at how blind I was. Only a few months ago I just plodded through life like a zombie and I never picked up on the universe or the divine trying to communicate with me. I first had a healer then a few weeks later a shaman tell me that I needed to listen to the animal kingdom and the messages they have for me.

About 3 years ago I bought a book called Animal Dreaming by Scott Alexander King. I promptly put it on my bookshelf and never paid any attention to it since then. I was obviously meant to own the book and it was obviously meant to have a profound effect on my life but I was not ready to read it till now.

It is all about Australian animals and the messages they carry to us from the Divine. I also own an American book that is similar but I have not opened it in years either (might not be time for it yet). Some of my experiences with animals have been truly spiritual and completely fitting to what ever situation I was in.

What I have found is that certain sentences often catch my eye and I cannot look away. The reason I stopped putting off creating this blog is because of an encounter I had with some black cockatoo’s. One stayed behind and I watched it feed but we also had moments of staring eye to eye and I was captivated. When I came back outside and pulled out my SA King book I read the page on black cockatoos and these words reverberated in my head, “She teaches us that whatever is meant to happen will, but only in its own time. Black Cockatoo encourages us to confront our fears, to go with the flow and to embrace all new opportunities as they present themselves”. I had literally been thinking about creating a blog and after reading those words I was filled with a sense of knowing. This is meant to be 🙂

The book retails for $39.95 in Australia and if you can afford to support local bookshops then I always suggest that, but if you are like me and not financially comfortable then is can suggestion this website – it retails for $19.19 with free postage, the only negative is it will take 10-14 days to reach you.

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