Lunar Eclipse November 28

Some of my friends had a few uncomfortable experiences with this Lunar Eclipse as it brings up issues that need to be addressed. Insecurities and self doubts seemed to be common. I was strangely comforted by the Moon instead of been being distressed or disturbed by uncomfortable thoughts.

I have always been very connected to the moon and very comforted by it. For years I have made my mother laugh when I say things like ‘Look at the Moon’ over and over when we drive during the night time around the full moon. Whenever I arrive home and its night time I automatically look up and have a smile for the moon. I cant really explain the connection or the love I just accept it as a character trait.

I saw a message about the Lunar Eclipse and I thought I would tell a friend that was on skype. She asked what were my thoughts on what to expect. I was at first really taken back as I am used to reporting things to friends but I rarely give my personal opinion. I think that is something that has changed within me from my trip to Singapore. I am really trusting my own intuition and connecting with my own guides. So I closed my eyes and asked what should I do for the Lunar Eclipse.

I got the word Gratitude and the sense of making a list of all that I am grateful for. I thought what a LOVELY thing to do and I shared this idea with a few friends at meditation and they liked the idea as well.

When I got home from meditation I did some writing and reading so it was nearly 1am before I wrote my list. I was further guided to take out my crystals for recharging and I placed my list under the crystals all night (this was a personal decision). The thing that I thought was most important was acknowledging the beautiful energies of being Grateful.

Yes this Lunar Eclipse did bring up issues for people to work on and I am sure it will continue to do so for millions. However the act of being Grateful can really help people through tough times of self discovery and I feel compelled to share this with everyone. Its such a simple thing but I am sure that it never hurts to have a reminder.

One other interesting thing happened while outside at 1am in the morning.  A possum or some other creature did this hideous growling at me. It was only 3 metres away in the compost pit and it sounded demonic, which is kind of ironic because alot of Australia’s cutest animals sound awful when upset. I turned around and instead of being afraid I apologised to it like it was a human. It would answer each of my words with this guttural yowl/hiss and in the end I told it “I love you” and it stopped. It didnt make another sound and I didnt hear it scurry away so it might have watched me. I turned back and did my moon meditation with my eyes shut and I never felt any fear. To me this is completely awesome and a personal milestone. There has been a few times when I have been out side during a full moon and I hear something that makes me hyper aware and not in a meditative state because of some sense of foreboding or fear.  Its not like I ever expected to get attacked by the possum or other things in the past but still something about being outside in the night pricked some kind of social conditioned fear that I think I have broken now. I smile each time I think of the animal stopping after I told it I loved it…we are one.

Moon Blessings to you all xoxox

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