Home Again

I dont even know where to start. There is so much to discuss and some of it is personal so it will not be publicly talked about while other parts I feel can be. So this doesnt turn into a super post I will probably break it up into sections to talk about. First the touristy stuff. After we did the museum and night safari we went to Sentosa Island for 3 nights. It was really amazing the resort we stayed in was Siloso Beach Resort and it was like staying in a giant tree house. I absolutely loved it.

While there we did a lot of relaxing and the Luge Ride. That was awesome and I really remembered how fun it is to do stuff like that, I dont have a fear of speed so I pretty much went at maximum speed with little to no breaking. So the Luge helped me to reconnect with the silly fun part of myself that just has pure fun by letting go. I think I need to do more of this, silly little things that are not my usual style lately. This year has been so intense that I  have forgotten to be pure laughter at something silly. I often feel joy, happiness and gratitude but I have not done things that make you laugh for the sheer absurdity of it.

Chinatown – we bought lots of cheap gifts for souvenirs. I had only carry on luggage so I needed to find small things that were super light as my carry on was already heavy. What I did was fill a shoulder tote bag with everything heavy and basically just bought light things like scarves, shirts etc. After our shopping we did some temples – we visited this gorgeous Hindu Temple just near chinatown and we went in, it was amazing. The energies of the place was very serene and calm. The people that visited were very respectful and loving towards their deities and I kind of zoned out. I really felt a soul deep peace for visiting there.

Quan Yin Temple was next. Here I was more uncomfortable, Quan Yin is the Goddess of Mercy and I think there was alot of people there who were desperate. I could pick up on that desperation and it was saddening. Where the Hindu temple was relaxing this one was slightly jarring. I cannot doubt that it was powerful though, at times I felt like people were brushing up against me and when I turned there was no one there. I also felt like something crawl along my shirt but nothing was there. While I had my eyes shut in prayer I experienced something which I will keep to myself but I know it was the reason why I went there. I loved both the Temples and I wish we went into more of them 🙂

Lastly – Universal Studios.

This is not my normal thing to go and do because I find them pretty boring. I had zero intention of going but I woke up on our last morning and my intuition told me I had to go. I admit to grumbling at myself and had to meditate to see if I had to go, my intuition said a firm Yes. So off we went. I had to go for two reasons, one I had to support a friend when they got ill and second I want to find out more about this snake I saw on the side of a box in the Egyptian section.


I would love to know if this is familiar to anyone else?

I will blog tomorrow about my experiences at the workshop.

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