Singapore Adventures

Day 14 of Mt Pinatubo essence was all about surviving my trip on the aeroplane. The flight went well but it was long and it really started to drag towards the end. I am very happy that I got here and that I have met up with Ahana LaRa.

I have found the energies of Singapore very dense. As soon as I arrived I started feeling really mellow and internal. My friends kept asking me if I was okay and I was always surprised that they were asking because I felt fine. It made me realise that even though I felt fine the energy of the place was making me withdrawn within myself so that I could process and become comfortable.

I still have moments of this – where I become very internal. However I think I am  becoming more comfortable here. We did a few touristy things yesterday and I really enjoyed myself.

The Museum we visited was fascinating and I love going to places like that. I find that history sooths my soul. I know that might sound a bit strange but I just love respecting the past.

We then went to the Zoo for a night safari. Which was both amazing but sad at the same time. There was a few animals that were clearly sad and depressed so I had a few moments of real heaviness in my chest, however I was also aware at the same time that conservation is vital.

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