Day 13 – Mt Pinatubo

Last night my meditation was very beautiful, I think having my sacred space set up for my meditation makes all the difference. I have alot more cleaning to do in the rest of the house but that particular part is perfect. I called to archangel Michael and I felt his presence, it was like the energy in the room got stronger. I had a crystal in each hand and they started throbbing, I also called upon Isis but I didnt really feel like the energy of the room got bigger. I still think she answered though. I have felt an ‘answer’ like a deep certainty when I have called upon Michael in the past, but this was he first time I felt the energy actually rise in the room. When I think of who I was 8 months ago I am humbled, I was a social lemming and now look at my life. If I can do this, anyone can đŸ™‚

Today I had a moment of feeling really exhausted that lasted from about 11am – 1pm. After that I got better but I only did a tiny bit of cleaning when I should have done alot more. I am not tired so I might do a few more minute before having a shower, its very muggy here so I dont know if the thunderstorm that has been in the distance might actually turn into something bigger. I have noticed this last week that I dont get tired, its 1.20am and I am still fine.

I think that might just be because of the energies of the moment. I have noticed a few people experiencing the same sleeplessness.

I had a lovely conversation with Ahana LaRa Losita. I have mentioned her in past blog posts but once again I feel compelled to say that she is amazing. Its like she is a mirror for my higherself to talk to and she reflects back things that I need to know. She told me some things today that were VITAL for me to hear.

I told her how I have been feeling very different since my sickness and she told me that I had been upgraded and that my mind is trying to recreate a prior experience. So that explains why I feel a bit of distance and like something is wrong when I know there is nothing wrong, Im feeling great. My mind wants to link how I am now to the past but I am different to who I was a few weeks ago.

I have so much to do today I best get going.



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