Day 12 – Mt Pinatubo

Although I have not really did much today I still feel really happy. It was very very hot here today and it was that sapping heat that really makes a person exhausted. Because of this I decided not to go shopping/visiting friends till the afternoon.

Two things happened today that I feel is worth talking about:

* Disappearing Acts

I was washing my hair and I hung the conditioner up by its nozzle of the washer rack. As I did so I remember thinking, thats going to fall down. But I kind of did a mental shrug and then continued to wash my hair (with eyes shut). When it came time to condition my hair I reached for the conditioner and it was gone. Confused I looked on the ground but I hadnt heard it bang on the floor…there was nothing. Turning around I saw the condition on the outside of the shower on the side of the bath. Now I am not claiming some helpful fairy sprite helped me out. I know its far more likely that I moved it but what is kind of freaky is that I have zero and I mean ZERO recollection of picking it up, opening the door, putting it outside & closing the door again.

So I have these disappearing acts lately where I must do things but are unaware of them. Its weird because I knew that if I left the shampoo hanging it would have fallen but I shrugged and left it there initially. It has happened more then once, thing missing turn up without me stressing over them but the way I looked in the most random places is interesting.

* New Me

Today for the first time I had a real moment of feeling NEW. I know that sounds strange but I have spent nearly two weeks isolated away from all my friends because of my sickness. But the sickness itself was very interesting as I have talked about, it was a massive clearing out – and while I still have a few ear problems I am 90% healed.

So when I met my friends and talked to them – I felt new. I felt lighter and happier and full of energy and excitement. It was a lovely sensation and I am sure I will continue to feel this way.

Life is awesome.

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