Day 11 – Mt Pinatubo

Manic Cleaning.

Today I have felt completely energised. In the past I am one of those people that hates cleaning. I put it off for months (or years) – I am talking massive cleaning with furniture being moved, stuff thrown away and things found that were lost for ages.

In the past when I do these massive cleans it take days, there is a lot of self guilt (how could I let myself get this way) oh and dont forget my favourite (how can I keep repeating this mistake). Well today was such an eye opener for me, I started out like normal and did a bit of cleaning.

However this time there was no real negativity. The good old negative ego was silent and things just seemed so easy. I said that I was only going to do a bit, have lunch then do an hour or so more cleaning and call it quits for the day. However the cleaning was so easy that I did epic amounts. I moved every single bit of furniture that needed doing (5 pieces moved around) but I didnt stop there, I threw out stuff and miraculously found the two things I need to take to Singapore (there was no angst I just stumbled across them hahaha). To make things even funnier I scrubbed the window, vaccumed, dusted, washed my hair and fixed a necklace.

In the past I would have never done half what I did today because I would talk myself out of it (or my ego would). I would complain about aches and pains and make up 20 different excuses to stop. I can honestly say I feel fantastic and I have zero aches and pains and I could probably keep going but I know I need sleep so that I can finish it tomorrow.

That most exciting thing – I have created my meditation alter. I have been wanting to create a sacred space for MONTHS but have been procrastinating and then today it just all worked.

I think this new found attitude is a number of things. I think the essences have helped, I think the solar eclipse has helped and we are all in a place where we can finish our projects. Lastly I think it was just the fact I went with the flow, I didnt interlectualise it and I never let negative thoughts come into it. What a truly awesome day.

I am off to meditate in front of my crystals and candles. Tomorrow is alot more work but the hard parts are done.

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