Day 9 – Mt Pinatubo Essence

Today has been more about finalising things. Months ago I started writing down quote that I get while meditating, I have also wrote on this blog that I got a title that I wanted to use – 144 Inspirational Quotes: From My Higherself to Yours. Today I counted how many quotes I have (#93) and I also created the front cover, its very simple and basic, but that is just what I wanted. I have the feeling that I will have this ebook finished and published before my Singapore trip. I don’t really know why I am that confident, I guess its just a more certain feeling I have been getting.

I also put up one of my quotes on Facebook, I even found this cute little lady bug picture to go with it. I got alot of simple joy out of making something creative.

Once again today I have been feeling a level of distance with a few people and I think my ego wants to make an issue of it but then it cant. I really have trouble describing the feeling, yes I am emotional and still love these people but I feel like there is a level of detachment now. I feel almost like I have a strange obligation to feel some kind of negative emotion, like I should be offended or worried etc I am just observing these thoughts and the moving on.

Health wise I still have a few ear problems and alot of tissues are still being used (TMI) but I am confident that I will be well by next Monday so I can travel.

I am beginning to enjoy this essence, my first week was almost a blur with the cold but now I am feeling a rise in my confidence.

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