Day 8 – Mt Pinatubo

What an interesting 48hrs.

Yesterday was 11/11 and it seemed like the most epic of days, it just seemed to go on forever. Around noon I got extremely light headed while sitting silently in my lounge chair. Now bare in mind that I have a head cold but I dont think that was what was the cause, I just think that the energy was intense at different times. That night I got almost compulsive about a flyer I was making for a friend, I couldnt sleep till it was done. Then I went to bed and still couldnt sleep.

I ended getting back up and having some medication at 2.30am and then got an email at 3am from Victoria Webby – a shamanistic channeller that I met about a month ago. She had a free 16 min long meditation about the white dragon energy and it made my heart race, vertigo and then I slept like a log.

Today my cold is a bit fresher but I had the scary realisation that I am going to Singapore in 7 days. I seriously do not know how it crept up and I am a bit stunned.

I am feeling a bit of a distance between a few people in my life. I dont know if that is because this cold has kept me separated or because I am feeling a slight parting of our paths. Its weird because I do not feel overly emotional which I find pretty surprising its like I am looking at the situation and just going – yeah….so what….now look at this….and I move on.

6 months ago my ego would have used the situation to stir up angst or anger, confusion or woe me feelings etc. So it is lovely to see how far I have come along my path 🙂

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