I m going to this workshop in Singapore

I think it will be very powerful on 22/11 – its a very strong numerological date with 22 being 2 x 11.  I am super excited to be involved.

The Light is With-In You

A Powerful Evening of Activation and Meditation Session at Sanctum, Singapore

This is a powerful time for both our individual and collective shift in consciousness. Through this time, when we are bombarded with cosmic energies, stimulated to shift into a higher gear, and given opportunities to move from our old patterns to a new way of living in peace, love and happiness, we have to release our blocks to make space for the new codes of light.

The Light is With-In You is a powerful evening of activation and meditation. The evening is facilitated by a group of traveling lightworkers, who have gathered in Singapore to bring their energies and work together to do portal work and activations.

The evening is structured for a 4-part meditation and activation series, conducted by four members of our group.

Preparing the Body for Release– Using Jin Shin Jyutsu, Sandra will guide the group to put their bodies in relaxation, open up their energy points, access and open up their energy blocks in preparation for the release. Jin Shin Jyutsu physio-philosophy is a powerful yet gentle healing art that harmonizes body, mind, and spirit.

Releasing Blocks by Moving Deeper within Ourselves – Justin will lead the group to go even deeper into their hologram, connect us to the elemental kingdom and guide us to bring them into our lives. He will then take us back into Gaia and release the karmic wounds of many lifetimes to help with our ascension and that of the planet.

Preparing the Body Vibrationally for Ingraining of Light – Ahana will guide the group to create an alignment to Source light and prepare the mind/body/spirit complex to expand from our sacred heart space and reach a higher vibration within ourselves. This will allow us to open our portal of light and allow the light codes to descend for us to process and ingrain within ourselves.

Bringing Balance of Masculine/Feminine/Child through Toning in Light Language– Celine will conclude the session by toning and using light language to bring in the light codes to balance the masculine/feminine/child energies within our bodies, which is needed at this time. She will also aid in reactivation, rememberence and restrengthening our knowingness of our divinity within. and oneness with all

The entire session will be done in 3- 3.5 hours, with a short break in-between. This is a powerful activation session – please wear comfortable clothing and bring your own mat or cushion if you should choose to do so.

Venue: Sanctum, 34 Arab Street #03-01 Singapore 133799

Date and Time: Thursday, 22 November, 2012, 7 – 10 PM

Abundance Exchange: $133 SGD


Sandra Tonkinson offers a variety of healing services including Jin Shin Jyutsu, Nutripuncture and Access Bars. Her services can be found on her website atwww.jupitercircles.com.

Justin Andries is a personal life coach, spiritual teacher and healer. He brings his connection with Gaia and the elementals and his ability to work at the holographic level of individuals to clear deep issues and challenges from this or past lives. Contact Justin at ionearthmail@gmail.com.

Ahana LaRa is a spiritual coach and an author. She offers spiritual counseling, soul/Akashic reading,  and meditation sessions called ‘Journey to Spirit’. To connect with her, email ahanalara@gmail.com or visithttp://shiftingintotao.wordpress.com/about/.

Celine Aahnza Liew offers transformational healing through a combination of energy work, frequency healing and light language. she also offers personal/spritual coaching, meditation classes and other spiritual workshops. To contact Celine, email ionearthmail@gmail.com.

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