Day 14 – Madagascar Essence

Awww the final day of Madagascar – I feel very nostalgic because I have enjoyed this essence. I feel very blessed and very much in the flow of the universe. I have developed a bit of a chest cold but I almost feel like it is my heart chakra  clearing itself.

Friday night at around 9pm I started feeling this heavy feeling like I was mourning and even got heart burn/indigestion. Saturday was simliar with saddness in morning then had a lovely day with friends that easied it. I still have some tightness even now and a bit of a weezy chest.

All in all a relaxing day.

I am going to go find out what Mt Pinatubo Essence does so that I know what I have to look forward to 🙂 I find it funny that I will finish it the day I go to Singapore – how is that for perfect timing.

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