Day 13 – Madagascar Essence

Today was a magical day of one synchronisity after another.

Last night all of our bananas ripened for no reason, it was night time and not that hot. It was quite strange but something I didnt really question, I just thought I would give away alot of them the next day. So this morning I arm myself with alot of bananas and 0ff I went, I visited a friends school and then went and had a lovely cuppa with her afterwards. It was just a really lovely conversation 🙂

I then took the next lot of bananas to another friend and it was just the perfect conversation. She told me some amazing things about herself but she also listened to me get emotional about something personal. She gave me some perfect advice and I felt like it was the perfect message. I also think that she is the reason that my bananas ripened 🙂 I needed to visit her and have the conversation.

Lastly I dropped the final hand of bananas off to my friends at Castle on Hill and had a lovely chat for an hour. I was a bit of a social butterfly today.

I am still having this heavy feeling in my chest which started about 8.30 ish last night. I sometimes feel like I am getting a chest infection, other times it feels like heart burn,  but at other times it feels like I am mourning something big.

Who knows, I am just going with it and living in the flow.

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