Day 12 – Madagascar Essence

I am finally getting tired, I have had a really strange day energetically. I woke up very very early and just laid in a semi awakened state and left my mind drift off onto other topics. I thought it was only 10 mins or so before my alarm was due to go off, instead it was about 2 hrs before.

In total I only had about 4ish hours sleep, very disrupted and weird. However when I got up I was fine and in fact I have felt fully energised all day. When I got home I felt my hands throb like it happened a few weeks ago before the electrical storm, I felt something but I am not sure and I dont think its going to storm tonight…so I dont know why the hands felt funny?? who knows.

I have also had digestive problems, I ate then got heartburn and now I am starting again only 4 hours after eating a big meal. Its all very strange but funny.

I received some interesting info and messages from a tarot reading. Its basically confirmed that I need to keep researching and learning about Isis. Its very important for me I think. I got home and checked my email and received alot of Hathor info which I might post some of tomorrow on this blog 🙂

I am nearing the end of Madagascar Essence and I feel like I am ready to move onto the last one. I am very excited but also sad in some ways to finish my 14 week journey 🙂


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