Day 9 – 11 – Madagascar Essence

Tuesday –

Very calm and blissful, did gentle things and read Anna, Grandmother of Jesus till a sad part and I cried – so I needed a break.

Wednesday –

I had a lovely morning with coffee at 11.11 and a lovely little get together. I had a bit of a miserable night though, I felt very disturbed and I was told some things by a psychic that I didnt agree with. I will be blunt enough to say I thought they were very generic comments and didnt seem right. I got really upset and even teary because I was just overwhelmed at the thought that the universe wanted more from me when I didnt know how to give more.

Two very interesting things happened while I was getting upset. Firstly I was bombarded with memories of things that I had done, all the positive things, I really needed to experience it to make me realise how far I have come. Secondly I stood up to wash my face and a voice said “Trust yourself”…I dont know if this was one of my guides or my higherself. I felt very calm but still shook up. I have had nothing but positive experiences with people that facilitate the different meditations. This was my first experience that didnt resonate and I in fact by the end of the night I didnt trust the woman at all.

I saw the whole episode as a test. A test to believe in myself and trust in my own truths. I agonised over it for a while because I wanted to make sure it was 100% non-ego. I didn’t want to resist the situation if she was legit and my brain see-sawed between two emotions…Trust myself or Trust this womans message. I chose Me and I felt gradually better but went to bed still slightly unsettled and ruffled.

Thursday –

Today I woke up still feeling slightly off kilter from last nights experience. I still stood by my decision that I did the right thing by trusting myself but I think whenever you get tested by the universe you build up dross. I felt like my energies were bogged down by left over negativity from the night before. I was going to a friends house to help them with some elderly people they had visiting from the local retirement village. I was really worried about bringing my lower energy to the house but as I was walking up my friends driveway I had at least 15 probably more tiny lizards (common garden ones) they scurried beside me. I was instantly lifted and I smiled then laughed because I only have to trust in Mother Earth to make me feel better.

I adored my time with the oldies as we called the elderly visitors. I also felt completely refreshed by talking with my friends about spiritual things and I even confided about my troubles from the night before. Two things came of my talks. One I felt better, actually I felt cleansed by talking it over with friends that I trusted and respected. However I also felt I shouldnt judge this woman and I even drew the cards saying the same thing. I dont think she acted maliciously or that she is unethical, if anything I think I manifested her so that I learn the hard lesson of trusting myself.

Tonight I went and did a dolphin workshop and I feel like that will lead me somewhere or somehow to something I need to do. I am thinking dolphins might play a part in my future 🙂

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