Day 8 – Madagascar Essence

I am still feeling a sense of separateness, I have talked about feeling out of time. I am still feeling this way and I decided I needed to re-look at the Madagascar Essence. I have been blaming this feeling on the X class solar flare, I knew that there was also C and M class flares that followed in the days afterwards. So even though its been nearly a week that is why I attributed those side effects to the Flares.

However I have now been feeling this real sense of calm, peaceful detachment since Friday. I think it is the essences working and my own journey to understanding me own divinity or Christ consciousness. The Madagascar Essence says

  • Allows you to detach from mass consciousness and its predilections for disease.
  • Helps you find the freedom to choose whatever you want to without conditioning.

I think this is why I am feeling separate and different from not just others but time it self. If I am detaching from mass consciousness then I believe this is why I feel so peaceful, if I had a choice I would throw away all clocks because I dont think we are measuring time in a accurate way and that is what causes so much disharmony.

I have also felt more freedom to choose what I want without conditioning. My experience with not deciding to get into an ego argument with my sister last night was very very easy.

I am loving this essence, its sublime 🙂

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