Day 7 – Madagascar Essence

I feel completely out side of time…I keep thinking its Monday, someone just asked me what I did this weekend and I felt like I had done a million things (I have done alot) but I had trouble remember what I had done. I dont think reading Anna, Grandmother of Jesus is helping. This book is amazing and I think life changing for me, I am only a quarter of the way through it but I am finding it profound.

If I be completely truthful I feel like I remember parts of the book, or that reading her words tickles a part of my brain that wants to remember something important. I think because I get sucked into the book and then sucked into over 2000 years ago – I guess its a bit of a struggle to remember its 2012.

I want to do nothing but read the book – but alas I have work experience tomorrow as one of my final subjects at Uni. Most exciting of all is that mother earth and father sky blessed us with some rain tonight. It is coming in stages, 3 mins of hard rain then nothing…then 5 mins of light rain. At this very second its a soaking rain and I hope it stays like this for hours. We desperately need it.

On a final note I kind of passed a test. I got irritated with a family member because they were arguing about something I knew the answer to and was fairly certain that I was right. Once I repeated myself a second time and she still argued I realised that I wasnt going to win the argument and that I felt no real need to be proven correct. If anything I was a bit abrupt in changing the subject and I would have done it differently in hindsight. While leaving the house and driving home I did have moments of irritation but it was something really easy to shift out of.

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