Day 6 – Madagascar Essence

There was a few things that were interesting today.

* I talked with a friend who has been almost depressed with this latest X class solar flare, I have heard some fascinating symptoms that people are having. I personally have had loss of appetite, energised, exhausted, poor sleep, feeling of limbo, contentment, weird dreams and restlessness. I am not sad or worried if anything I feel curious and enlightened 🙂 I had to have a nanny nap today – I dont know if this was solar flare or cause I had to do a lot of driving.

* I started reading Anna, Grandmother of Jesus. I am only on the third chapter and I already feel like this book is going to be profound. The parts about Egypt completely fascinate me and confirm that I want/need to visit there in the next 1-2 years. I dont feel its urgency yet but I do think I will go to see the temples one day.

* Technology is hurting me again, this laptop is so uncomfortable to use that its a chore to type this message. I have this feeling in the past but to varying degrees of discomfort. Today its awful.

* I am home now after house sitting for a month, I love the feeling of getting home 🙂

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