Day 5 – Madagascar Essence

Time seems to be playing some very strange games with me. I do not know if this is because of the essence, because of the solar flare or because I am moving along my spiritual path…maybe all three.

I totally enjoyed myself today I just felt like I was in Limbo, hours would pass and it didnt seem that long. Then all of a sudden I had to rush around like a fool to get things done. I have also lost my appetite for some reason and I have to remind myself to eat something. It is very strange when I think about it but I am just accepting it, I actually think it might be connected to the solar flare as I have had a few people tell me about their digestion problems or same as me (loss of appetite).

Tonight I went to sacred dancing at the local goddess group. It was so lovely to connect with the ladies again and to just be in that divine head space. I really loved and enjoyed every second of it. I feel that every woman should have something like this in their lives as it makes life more real…less drama, less social programming, less¬†negativity. Once again I have really felt connected to mother earth and the divine feminine…tonight was just really blissful.



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