Day 1 – 4 -Madagascar Essence


Deep contentment and still enjoyment – I feel like this one is going to be as awesome as Lake Baikal. I did a bit of cleaning and didnt seem to have any internal monologue. I would normally say to myself, how do you let it get this bad? or You should have done this months ago and I would usually start intellectualising and trying to discover why it is I put the cleaning off. So it was nice, I kind of felt really in the Now.


Still relaxing, just pottered around and let myself enjoy the day. I heard this crow calling and I felt compelled to get up and go find it outside. When I got there I thought what are you trying to tell me and the thought pops in my head…go for a walk. I thought sure why not and didnt over think things I just went with the flow. I really enjoyed myself and I found this lovely rock the exact shape of Mt Warning (i find them all the time). I also just felt joy and gratitude in the little things.


Today I think I discovered more of what this essence is going to help with. It seems to be helping me stop trying to think and just trusting the heart. This is something that I have been trying to do for months but it just seems effortless. My day started nicely and in the way into town I saw all these eagles and hawks. I stopped and filmed them but they turned out mircoscopic – I knew they meant something… I am not sure what and I dont care that I dont know LOL I just took note, enjoyed the situation and felt gratitude. I then had coffee at 11.11am (I think I was a few mins late haha) and I had some truly amazing chats and some of the were pure synchronicity. Alot happened this day and it would turn into an epic post, so I will just sum it up by saying that I felt very blessed and I am just trusting my intuition – I have been doing this more and more but as I said this is just effortless.


Today I had weird dreams. I dont think they are to do with the essence (they could be) but I think they are because of the X class Solar Flares. I have had some wildly fluctuating experiences.  On Tuesday when it hit I had a period of 2-3 hrs of feeling complete lethargy but I quickly processed it. By the Wednesday I was completely energised and I ran into about 6 people who felt like shit and once I explained about the flare they decided to stop feeling confused and be gentle with themselves. Today I have felt very restless but still energised. I have been very sensitive to solar flares in the past so I am very surprised that I am handling this one so well.

I am off to bed, I watched an action movie (fast and furious 5) and I started having violent thoughts afterwards. Not drastic but I was thinking if I was confronted by someone at the airport (like in an article I was reading) I would just deck the guy…My brain went WHOA and I was really shocked because I havent had violent thought in ages. Its interesting how watching something can start to subvert your emotions.

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