Day 10 – 14 – Lake Baikal

I have been in semi hibernation for the past few days. I have felt really tired and just not in the mood to do things, I’ve been lazy you could say. There has only been two things that are of any interest to discuss, dancing on Friday night and the Storm on Sunday night.


I have had some pretty clear messages and guidance to go dancing at the local GLOdance at Uki. I did some research about about the event and it is an event this guy set up to celebrate dancing. Its a none alcoholic and none judgemental place where people can just go and dance. I loved the concept but I have to admit that I was also drawn to the band they were called Deya Dova  I then got to the day (Friday) and I was really sleepy because I had a bit of an epic morning, running into about 4 of my spiritual friends in really unique ways.

I rang my friend and said I dont really feel like going – do you think this is my negative ego trying to stop me OR do you think I should just go back to bed lol…I then told her this day about my amazing connections and I realised that my day had been special and that I have been telling everyone if they get the urge to do something creative they should because it will honour the Divine Feminine. So I went.

I was suppose to go – it was so amazing and I need to see something about myself. I believe the universe doesnt just give us hard lessons, sometimes we are given nice lessons so we can see how far we have come. I immediately felt comfortable and just started dancing, I danced for 3 hrs and over half that time I would have had my eyes shut. I was completely just honouring my body, the music and just feeling the energy around me. The big lesson for me is that I DIDNT CARE about what people thought, I probably looked like a radioactive chicken dancing. Even more amazing is I didn’t care what men thought (one of my hang ups).

The Storm

After feeding the dogs I walked near the edge of the veranda and my hands had that achy/tingly feeling they got when I stood in the leyline near Mt Warning. I had never noticed it before on the top of my sisters hill so I was a bit confused until about half an hour when I watched the storm come closer and then hit. It was utterly amazing and the beauty of it made me nearly cry twice, I dont fully understand the significance and I dont think there really needs to be one. I pulled up a chair and watched the show that Father Sky showed me, it was primal and sacred and utterly beautiful.

I felt very connected to the Divine and so grateful 🙂 I have never felt a storm before (energetically) I do not know if this is something that will continue to happen now that I am aware or if there was just something special about that storm. Either way I blessed to have felt it.

Tomorrow I start my next lot of drops. Madagascar – I am very excited and once again I have completely forgotten what to expect from it – I will repost a refresher 🙂

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