Day 9 – Lake Baikal

Yesterday was a strange day.

I picked up a friend to take her to her reiki session out at Uki and time seemed to just play weird games with us. We must have been there or at least 2hrs 15 mins, however there is no way that it FELT that long. While at the cafe having chia tea (best chai tea around) I started to feel really restless and uncomfortable. I do not know if this is was myself reacting the my friend beside me or if it was just a energetic thing that alot of people seemed to be feeling. It turned out my friends back was really hurting so I might have been sensitive to her which is entirely possible. Secondly I noticed alot of people feeling the same so maybe it was something energetic like a download etc

Last night I finished reading Drunvalo Melchezidek’s book – Living in the Heart – I put the the CD in and went into a meditation, the author warns to put an alarm on or have someone come wake you up for your first time. I have to admit I dont know if it worked or if I fell asleep haha…I kind of felt really drawn into the meditation but then I just went ….somewhere or to sleep. All I can remember afterwards was this annoying noise which was the car horn alarm on my ipod going off. It must have honked for over a minute before I realised that something was wrong and I woke up.

You are suppose to be able to ask things in the sacred part of your heart. I was near unconscious so I dont know if just feel asleep or if I just had a strange/deep exploration my first time.

I am thinking that I might give it another go right now and see what happens, I might ask for rain in the sacred place.

Life is Amazing

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