Day 7 – Lake Baikal

Another beautiful day.

I helped a friend move and then I went to my mothers. At both places I drew tarot cards – I actually didnt intend to at mums but she drew some cards first so I joined in. They all seem to be saying the same thing…joy, happiness, positivity etc – basically higher vibrational thought and emotions are the way for me to take my next few steps forward and know my path.

I meditated really well last night, I fell into a deep nothingness which made me aware that I have still had a level of  alertness in my past meditations. I also received more inspirational quotes that way. I am up to 71 so I only need another 73 to go, I feel like they will come to me faster now because I am meditating more while I mind someones house. I love the peace and quiet that it provides.

There is a list of things that I want to get done in the next few weeks, I want to write more article based posts, finish and publish the quotes in an ebook, finish and produce a meditation that is called a Divine Hug and I am thinking of doing a few youtube posts. The only reason that I think I will do them is because I used to have a fear about being judged.

I was also told during my Akashic Records that I fear being seen. So I think posting my thoughts up on youtube with prove to myself that I no longer care what people think, it will also address the fear of being seen.

This essence really has balanced my masculine and feminine – I feel alot more confident 🙂

Life is amazing 🙂

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